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- Doug Osmond, Operation Underground Railroad
Some of our clients...
From overture to finale.

Get custom music for your event or marketing piece, often faster and less expensive than finding and licensing library music.

We create music. All day.  Every day.  We consider it our job to get your message to your target audience in an effective, inspiring way, in the least amount of steps possible.  And by the way... we LOVE deadlines.
Using Aaron Edson gets you:
  • Over 30 years of corporate music experience
  • YOUR concepts and buzz words
  • Professionals that meet deadlines every time
  • The company of hundreds of other happy clients worth hundreds of billions of dollars.
  • Songs that sound like hits
We handle the contracts, licensing, the entire creative process and dealing with all the artists.  You just pick the direction and get back to building your great company.
We use nothing but the very highest quality musicians, engineers, equipment and software to make sure that your music sounds as cutting-edge as the hits you hear on the radio, in any genre and from any era.

Want a rock song? A 60's doo-wop track? Hip Hop or Dance? Or a straight-up Pop hit that sounds just like your favorite song?
We've got you covered.
Move The Masses

Music That Moves

"Let me make the songs of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws."
-Andrew Fletcher
Music that is well-crafted can transcend language barriers, cultual divides, and even create movements.

Our clients know this.  They have used our music in coprorate sales events, trade shows, company retreats, and of course in their advertising pieces.  

In 2015, Aaron Edson's music was used by companies totalling over $300 Billion in net worth.

And we think that in 2016,  it's time you found out what other successful companies already know. 

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Before Apple, Microsoft, IBM and Sun Microsystems were Fortune 100 companies, they invested in corporate culture, including hiring Aaron Edson or his associates to write and create custom music for major corporate events.  These events have been everything from international sales meetings and incentive trip productions to fun internal memes and spoofs.  The leaders of these great companies knew early on that strong music could build a strong culture.  Now, perhaps it's time we did the same for your company's culture.