Bottom Lines

That fit your bottom lines.

While pricing varies greatly depending on complexity and scope, our custom music starts at just $1000, and most complete custom songs cost $3500 or less, including full production and unlimited usage licenses.

But why do you need an unlimited usage license?

Let's say you find a song in an online library that you really like and want to use for your tradeshow event.  You only pay $150 for the licensing fee, and then another couple hundred to have the song edited to meet your exact timing needs, and then the show goes on.  You got a great deal, right?

Well, probably not.  Because while your event goes off with aplomb, someone in the audience captured the performance on his cell phone and posted it to YouTube.  Before you know it, the video goes viral, which is great, right?  It seems to be so, until your in-house counsel comes storming into your office complaining about a lawsuit from the composer of your music, claiming that your usage agreement did not include what is called a "Sync" license.  He is suing you for $250,000 for unauthorized usage of copyrighted material.

In contrast, every piece of custom music from Aaron Edson comes with an unlimited usage license, including sync rights, in perpetuity.  That means that you can create the music you need for your live event or internal training video and then decide later to put it on YouTube or even use it for your national advertising campaign.  You've purchased the rights to use the music however you choose, so you can't lose.

So how much will it cost you to have Aaron Edson custom music?  Music packages start at just $1000 for up to 30 second non-lyrical pieces, and a full 3 minute contemporary song usually costs $3500 or less (plus celebrity vocal fees if applicable).  And remember - no matter how successful your video is, no matter how widely broadcast your advertising material becomes, you'll never pay any royalties or get hit with any lawsuits over the copyrights - it's all included in the fee.

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We can't wait to make beautiful music with you!
License Fee:                                            $150
Editing:                                                      $200
Legal Fees:                                        $15,000
Settlement:                                      $50,000
Total: $65,350
License Fee:                                         $3500
Editing:                                        INCLUDED
Legal Fees:                                                  N/A
Settlement:                                                N/A
Total: $3500