Pop Songs

Move the masses.
The holy grail of marketing is using music that fits your campaign perfectly, but sounds like a song people would actually want in their playlists.  Some companies just go ahead and pay $500,000 or more to license a popular piece of music.  Others just don't have that in their budget.

Pop songs are typically upbeat, make you want to bob your head or even dance and sing along.  They are all about collective experience, and a well-written one gets people to sing along the first time they hear it.


Power to the people.
When you need music to tell a story, to bring people from point A to point B... to really make a powerful impact on the listener that they won't soon forget, you may need a ballad.

Ballads are typically slower in tempo and build in energy from start to finish.  This gives the listener time to process every word, understand every emotion.  And a well-crafted one sticks in your head and even has you humming along.


Wow your watchers.

Do you need a  score or custom music?  Here's a couple questions that can help you decide.
  • Is your motion picture more than 3 minutes long?
  • Does your motion picture require  original orchestral music composition?
  • Do you need specific themes for distinct characters?
  • Does your motion picture change moods back and forth several times and need music to follow or accentuate those mood changes?
  • Is having an original score for your motion picture worth the increase in costs over edited custom music?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, we'd love to talk with you about your needs and get your project started by the right composer for your work.
No motion picture  is complete without music.  Whether you're after subtle suggestions or fantastic fanfares, we can help.  We've worked with Oscar-winning directors and producers, on award-winning television shows and blockbuster films, and we've seen our work win awards at independent film festivals across the globe.  But we've also helped on YouTube channels and corporate videos galore.  We'd love to talk to you about your project and see how we can help.